The Brandylane Experience

Brandylane offers what most publishers do not: an accessible publishing house where author and publisher work cooperatively for success. It is this spirit of partnership that has made Brandylane so appealing to new and established writers for three decades.

Since its founding, Brandylane’s mission has been to help previously unpublished and talented writers and poets break into print. As a veteran teacher of English, creative writing, journalism, literature, and cultural mythology for more than twenty-five years, publisher Robert Pruett’s love of teaching and working with writers has merged into his passion for publishing, and he continues to nurture new and professional authors. His own experience as a published poet and essayist gives him a sensitive understanding of the writing and publishing process, and he has assembled a team that shares his love for crafting and publishing quality books.

In 2010, Brandylane launched Belle Isle Books,  a new imprint of Brandylane created to offer cooperative publishing, self-publishing services, publishing guidance, and book packaging, including editing, interior and cover design, and printing to budding writers. Both Brandylane and Belle Isle Books continue to exercise a commitment to quality, customer service, and helping authors tell their stories.

About Brandylane Publishers, Inc. - Richmond, VA
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