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Save the Trees


Why Can’t I Just Be Me?: Remove the Masks that Hide You from the World and from Yourself


Collette in Third Grade


The War of Independence Way


Pollyanna Gay


Like the Sea and the Sky: A Mysterious Mollusk and Its Magical Blue Ink


The Big Buna Bash (Amharic Edition)


Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women


Mamta’s Lovely Mustache


Grandma’s Window


Opening Closed Doors: The Story of Josie C. Murray


Two Faces of the Moon: A Small Island Memoir


Love and Other Illusions


Twinings: Poems at Eighty


Spirit of the Forest


The Woods of Wicomico (1st Ed.)


Strangers in Jerusalem


The Big Buna Bash (Hebrew Edition)


Before You Were You


The Phoenix of Upperville




Simone LaFray and the Red Wolves of London


Bone Necklace


Brothers and Strangers: A German-Iraqi Memoir


Of Memories and Mirages

by Abu B. Rafique $7.99$30.95

My Family Tree Has Roots


IKIGAI: Life’s Purpose


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Buzzy

by Josh Brandstadter $4.99$22.95

A Rebellious Woman

by Claire J. Griffin $9.99$34.95

It’s My Time to Fly: The Story of Caterpillar Number Five

by Julie Conner $12.95$22.95

The Clothesline Code: The Story of Civil War Spies Lucy Ann and Dabney Walker


A Photographic Journey through the James River Park System

by Bill Draper $41.00

Bubble Duck and Bubble Duck Does Hockey (2nd Ed.)

by Teresa Pistole $2.99$13.95

Back Home

by Shaista Fatehali $4.99$22.95

Collette in Kindergarten

by Collette Divitto $4.99$22.95

Toby Wears a Tutu

by Lori Starling $4.99$22.95


by Elspeth Roake $7.99$16.95

Seasons for Stones

by Nikki Bergstresser $4.99$22.95

Once Upon a Fable

by Mariah Robinson   $4.99$25.95

The Woods of Wicomico (2nd Ed.)

by Nuala Galbari $9.99$30.95

Birds at the Post Office

by Richard Zuras $4.99$12.95

The Big Buna Bash

by Sara Arnold $2.99$22.95

A Tree For A Year

by Ellen Dutton $2.99$22.95

Half on Tuesdays

by Amy E. Whitman $2.99$16.95

Super Socks

by Connie Bowman $2.99$22.95

Sister Cities: A Story of Friendship Between Virginia and Mali

by Ana Edwards and Robin Poulton $4.99$19.95

Lifeline 65: How Small Connections and Big Enthusiasm Can Change Education

by Ryan Stein and Jennifer Costa Berdux $4.99$28.95

Everybody Can Dance!

by Kara Navolio $2.99$21.95

Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers’ Ball

by SP O’Farrell $6.99$25.95

The Precariousness of Done

by Tony Houck $5.99$15.95

B for Baxter

by Ted Simonin $13.95$21.95

Uncle George and Me

by Bill Sizemore $4.99$26.95

Dinosaurs in the Cornfield: Lessons Unearthed on My Grandfather’s Farm

by William B. Hardison, Jr. $28.95

Coming Around

by Richard Rose $15.00

Eyewitness: My Journey to the Hague

by Isak Gaši and Shaun Koos $5.99$29.95

From Rebel Yell to Revolution: My Four Years at UVA 1966–1970

by Joel Gardner $35.95

Friday Adventures

by PV Jackson $15.00

Sister Sorrow, Sister Joy

by Mariah Robinson $4.99$29.95

A Call to Mind: A Story of Undiagnosed Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury

by Claire Galloway $16.95

The Sea Hunt

by Anna Burger $20.95

Honor Held Dear

by Alan Eschbach $4.99$28.95

Coco’s Number Nightmare

by Georgie Hanlin $20.95

The Fourth Branch of Government: We the People

by Jack Trammell, PhD and Guy Terrell, MS, PMP $7.99$16.95

What’s Under That Rock, Papa?

by Dave Bauer $19.95

Writing Our Way Out: Memoirs from Jail

by David Coogan $16.95$30.95

Wildlife’s Greatest Connection

by Ken Conger $19.95

The Honeymoon Corruption

by Richard Lee Zuras-1 $15.00

Labyrinth of Terror

by Richard P. Wenzel $4.99$16.00

A Love Letter: My Y Story, My Cancer Journey

by Michael Roberts $15.95

Remembering for Both of Us: A Child Learns about Alzheimer’s

by Charlotte Wood $12.95$18.95

Making Manna

by Eric Lotke $5.99$16.00

A Better Man: True American Heroes Speak to Young Men and Women on Love, Power, Pride, and What It Really Means to Be a Man (2nd Ed.)

by Kelly Johnson $25.95

The Private War of William Styron

by Mary Wakefield Buxton $28.95

Coyote Summer

by Margo Solod $15.00

My Dance with Grace: Reflections on Death and Life

by Weldon Bradshaw $8.99$15.00

Simon and the Worry Watch

by Susan M. Brown $13.95

The Bastard Year

by Richard Lee Zuras $9.99$15.00

Danger on My Doorstep: The Anita Flora Powitzer Story

by Linda Schubert $3.99$13.95

A Perfect Madness

by Frank H. Marsh $15.95

Slow Dying: The Bosnian War Prison Camp at Visoko Diary and Testimonies

by Milenko S. Milanovic $15.95

Richmond’s Unhealed History

by Ben Campbell $5.99$30.95

Living Happily Ever After—Separately

by Lise Stryker Stoessel $15.95$25.95

A Rose for Raymonde

by Wade H. Foy $5.75

When Soldiers Cried: A True Story About Vietnam

by David Shea $5.99

A Live Controversy: Autism and a Family’s Determination

by Joseph and Roxana Hartmann $4.25

Early American Garden Bouquets

by Julia Smith Berrall $17.95

Broken Wings: What’s Wrong With Her?

by Stephanie Fortune $15.00

The Story of a Star

by Ginny U. Banister $4.25

Last Night in Managua

by James Pendleton $16.95

Neck Tales: Stories from Virginia’s Northern Neck

by Thea Marshall $16.00$26.95

The Great River Disclosure

by Larry Holcombe $16.95

Goshen Revisited

by Jack and Judy Witt $8.25

Sunset Sonata

by Robert Johnson $15.95


by James Pendleton and Jerome Johnson $15.00

Soldier Pigs: When Soldiers Are Guinea Pigs

by Gordon Swanson $5.75

A Moose’s History of North America

by Walter S. Griggs and Frances Pitchford Griggs $15.00

Do Spiders Need Leggins When It’s Cold Outside?

by Terri Sebastian $4.99

Hammond’s Choice

by Bob Cohen $16.00

The Life of “P”: A Memoir of a Mother and a Nurse

by Lee Rice $15.00

The Chief and I

by Karen Tootelian $15.95
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