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Uncle George and Me by Bill Sizemore
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written by William B. Hardison, Jr.
illustrated by Candice Smith

Grandpa says it best. He always does:

“Knowin’ where you came from makes you part of somethin’ larger’n yerself—and from yer beginnin’, you were meant t’ be larger’n yerself.”

For young Billy, summer means saying goodbye to city life and traveling seven hundred miles to visit his grandparents on their Tennessee farm. It means long, humid days of snapping beans, milking cows, hunting for fossils in rocky fields, and trips into town for ice-cream sodas and comic books at the five-and-dime. It means muggy nights spent on the front porch with family, the boys gathered around the big Philco radio, listening to The Lone Ranger over the low hum of crickets. But most of all, summer means time spent in the long shadow of Grandpa, a massive Welchman, keenly observant, frugal of words and actions, but rich in experience and country wisdom. On this remote patch of farmland, Grandpa’s word is law.

Now, William Hardison looks back on those summer days with nostalgic fondness and his own hard-earned wisdom. In doing so, he rediscovers deeper lessons hidden within the adventures he so often took for granted as an energetic child. And along the way, he invites you to ponder:

When you look back on your childhood, what long-forgotten treasures might you unearth?

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Meet the Author

William Hardison is a retired minister and former adjunct professor of Christian Spirituality at Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond. Known for his gift of vivid storytelling, he is a member of the National Storytelling Network. Dr. Hardison is a contributor to, a nationwide movement bringing fresh attention to the development of character in the lives of children through education. Dinosaurs in the Cornfield is his first book and deals with the development of positive character traits learned through the telling of legacy stories. Dr. Hardison lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife, Carolyn. You can visit the author on his website:

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Formats: Hardcover

Pages: 246

ISBN HC: 978-1-947860-06-3

ISBN PB: 978-1-962416-11-5

Release Date: 07/15/18


Dinosaurs in the Cornfield is a heart-warming, soul-lifting journey down the country road of childhood. Author William Hardison’s descriptive prose and his ear for the Tennessee rural accent bring to life idyllic summertimes on a farm with Grandpa, a wise gentleman whose wit and wisdom not only helped his grandson to understand the world around him, but also the reader as well. Candice Smith’s illustrations add extra charm to the story. Dinosaurs in the Cornfield is a delightful book for all ages and for all seasons of life.” —Mary W. Schaller, author of Deliver Us from Evil: A Southern Belle in Europe at the Outbreak of World War I (University of South Carolina Press)

“Having heard Bill speak many times, I expected a well-woven story. What I read was an enchanting memoir showing how simple lessons from Grandpa’s farm could have real-world value. His vivid descriptions pull the reader into the vignettes, allowing reflection on lessons from their own childhood. Grandpa was a wise man, and I am honored to have learned some of his teachings myself.” —Susan Schwartz RN, MSN, MSHA, co-president of the Richmond chapter of the Virginia Writers Club, and anthologist of the three-volume set Nightmares and Echoes. Her story “Blurred Line” was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for long fiction by the Horror Writer’s Association, January 2017 (

“‘Delightful and insightful’—that’s what comes to mind when reading Bill Hardison’s new book, Dinosaurs in the Cornfield. Every child should have a grandfather like Bill’s—sturdy, present, and wise. I highly recommend this collection of thought-provoking life stories for readers looking for a wisdom that makes life worth living.” —Dr. Roberta Damon, Marriage and Family Therapist, Churchwoman, and author of the new book, Dear Mrs. Noah (Crosslink Publishing, 2017), A Voice Beyond Weeping (2002), and Relationship Skills: Leadership Skills for Women (1993) 

“Who knew that the cure for my middle-aged restlessness was searching for fossils in the cornfield, taking good notes with a carpenter’s pencil, or using every pot and pan in the house to catch the rain through the holey roof? Bill Hardison has given us a gift—a book I didn’t want to end, and one I will read again and again. His stories come alive in the telling and remind me of what it takes to be fully alive.” —Anthony Romanello, author of Random Thoughts: Reflections on Public Service, Fatherhood, and Middle Age 

“Dr. Hardison is a master storyteller, as evidenced in every chapter of Dinosaurs in the Cornfield. The life lessons and earthy wisdom woven through the enchanting and heartwarming stories of his adventures with his grandpa on the family farm in rural Tennessee are both timeless and inspirational. Each chapter will touch your heart, moving the reader to tears or genuine laughter. This is a must-read for parents and grandparents who strive to instill positive values and strength of character in the ‘young’uns’ they love.” —Monica L. White, Director of Student Services School of Allied Health Professions, Virginia Commonwealth University

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