Brandylane Publishers is looking for interns/volunteers to assist in reading and evaluating manuscripts for our team.

If you’ve ever wanted to help a real publishing house make real decisions about real authors’ books, this is your chance! Brandylane is looking for two interns/volunteers to join our team as manuscript evaluators.

As an intern, you will be expected to:

  • Read and consider the merits of manuscript submissions to Brandylane Publishers, determining whether the messages and themes included therein are in alignment with Brandylane’s mission statement;
  • Identify, and make recommendations regarding the strengthening of, any potential weaknesses in the manuscripts you consider;
  • Deliver weekly manuscript evaluations elucidating your opinions on the above topics, which our acquisition team will use in determining whether to publish an author’s manuscript; and
  • Engage in regular communication with Brandylane, if necessary, regarding the progress of your evaluations.

Candidates should possess:

  • An excellent command of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
  • The ability to communicate their thoughts and opinions of a written work candidly and clearly;
  • The ability to read and evaluate manuscripts of up to 300 pages weekly, including books of all genres and descriptions;
  • The ability to follow instruction and established guidelines with respect to the formatting of said evaluations;
  • The ability to analyze the quality of the following elements of manuscripts, including but not limited to: character development, pacing, presentation of themes, and tone (in the case of works of fiction); organization, presentation, and value of content (in the case of nonfiction works); and use of figurative language, structure, and presentation of themes (in the case of poetry);
  • Ability to respond to emails within 24 hours;
  • Excellent time management skills;
  • And of course, a love of reading and literature!

Note: Prior experience reading and editing unpublished works is a plus.

We’re flexible!
Weekly evaluation deadlines are fixed, but work may be completed remotely and at your own pace, to allow for maximum flexibility in the completion of your assignments.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Erin at

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Please refer to our publishing page for questions about our publishing services and submissions guidelines. For additional questions, you can contact us by phone at 804.644.3090, via the contact form below, or by email:

If you wish to schedule a meeting, please call ahead. Per our submissions guidelines, please submit manuscripts by email or our submission form. We do not accept hard copy submissions, and we do not return hard copy submission materials.

Career Opportunities

There are currently no open full- or part-time positions at Brandylane Publishers; however, you are welcome to email us your résumé and we will keep you in mind should something become available.


If you are an experienced or aspiring children’s book illustrator and would like to be considered for upcoming Brandylane and Belle Isle Books projects, please email us your résumé and a link to your online portfolio or website and we will keep you on file should a suitable project arise.

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