These are the marketing, promotional, and distribution services we provide as part of our traditional and cooperative publishing programs. Unlike most publishers, our marketing effort includes a one-year launch, followed by two additional years of promotion through our social media, website, our seasonal, genre, and subject matter email campaigns, and continuous guidance and support from our PR team.

Our Website

All of our titles are posted and available for sale on the Brandylane or Belle Isle Books website. &

Our books are available for purchase from and We optimize our titles on Amazon by including the Search Inside the Book option, which allows a potential customer to browse a few pages of our books online.


We supply detailed information, including BISAC codes, key search words, reading level measurement, and other required data to make our books available through Ingram Book Group, a leader in print and electronic wholesale and distribution. They serve over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools, Internet commerce companies and other channel partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other well-known retailers and wholesalers of books throughout the US and abroad. Our books are available for sale in English in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Australia, India, Poland, Russia, China, and South Korea.

Library of Congress & Books in Print

We register our books with a Library of Congress Catalogue Number (LCCN), which aids librarians in gaining necessary information about our books for purchase and proper placement on library shelves. We also list our books in the Books in Print and myidentifiers databases, which list books currently in print. Publisher, key search words associated with our titles, ordering information, price, discounts and other essential data is made available to booksellers, libraries, wholesalers, and other book buyers, which exposes our books to buyers worldwide.

Broadcast Emailing

We send permission-based emails announcing publication of our books to Brandylane customers, local, regional, and national booksellers, bloggers, reviewers, as well as to local, regional, national, and international media. Currently, we blast information about our books to 3,000 recipients. Our email blasts earn high open percentages.

Independent Booksellers & Chains

We send copies of our books to the buyers at Barnes and Noble and to other booksellers. All of our titles are available for purchase, but for Barnes and Noble and independent booksellers to carry a title in their in-store inventory, the book must have a strong marketing program, and it must be in demand. We cannot guarantee that brick-and-mortar stores will carry a particular title in their physical inventory, but they will definitely make it available for ordering. Our books are widely available for purchase online, direct from us, and can be ordered by any bookseller or individual, but availability is only the first stage. Just like any other company that produces a product, we work every day so our books can be discovered by readers, booksellers, and other buyers. We do this by producing effective marketing and press materials, blasting announcements of your book to thousands of reviewers, media, booksellers and other buyers, listing your book in major databases, producing effective social media posts, keeping an active, interesting website to draw readers, and supporting our authors.

Sell Sheet

We prepare a one-page Sell Sheet for each of our titles, which includes front cover image, book specifications, book summary, author bio, relevant promotional information, and ordering information. We send this sell sheet to potential buyers, reviewers, bloggers, media, and to the author.

Cover Image Files

We prepare the front cover of our books in various digital sizes, to be used for promotional purposes, including for websites, articles written about our books, posters, and flyers.

PDF Review Copy

We prepare a PDF galley/advanced review copy (ARC) of our books. This is a single file containing the entire book (including front and back covers), which can be emailed to potential buyers, reviewers and media.

Press Releases & Announcements

We prepare a press release announcing publication of our titles and send it to local, regional, statewide, national, and international traditional media. On our website, we announce any major reviews that are written about our books or feature stories about our authors.


We send print or digital review copies to regional and national reviewers and publications that review books in specific genres. We work very hard to interest reviewers.

Google Books

We add our titles to Google Books online. Google scans up to 20% of a title and posts it on their website.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

We post information about our titles and announce author presentations/signings and other appearances on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We also help our authors set up a professional social media platform.

Signings & Other Appearances

We encourage our authors to take an active role in seeking venues where they can appear for book talks, readings and book signings. Although we don’t set up events for our authors except in special cases, we help coordinate events and provide guidance on how to contact booksellers, non-book retailers, libraries, churches, coffee shops, and other venues to arrange appearances. We also vigorously promote events via social media, local and regional media, community calendars, and display events on our online calendar.

Book Festivals, Book Fairs, & Writer’s Conferences

We attend book festivals and writer’s conferences, where we display new releases and as many of our backlist titles as space allows. We founded and host the Annual RVA Booklovers’ Festival in Jefferson Park, Richmond each year. We invite authors from around the state, and of course our own authors, to participate.

Bookmarks, Posters, Post Cards, Business Cards

We recommend and are happy to design and print bookmarks, posters, postcards, and business cards to help our authors promote their books.

Online Presence

We create a page for each of our authors on our website that includes bio, photo, links to their social media and to their individual website. If requested, we also develop simple or interactive websites for our authors, where they can offer their book for direct sale to buyers. Our rates are in line with most website design companies.

Outside Promotional Opportunities

We make our authors aware of promotional opportunities they can pursue independently to grow sales.

Marketing Tips

We regularly develop and email marketing and promotional tips to our authors to help them market and sell their books.


At Brandylane, we set ourselves apart by providing personal attention and marketing guidance to our authors far beyond what is offered by most publishing houses. Authors are always welcome to call or email our PR team at any time with marketing or other questions.

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