Author Submissions

We accept unsolicited submissions and simultaneous submissions from published and unpublished authors. An agent is not required!

We are pleased to review submissions in most subject areas and genres, but we are especially interested in manuscripts (in almost any genre) that teach, promote, and encourage understanding, tolerance, social justice, and peace; seek to improve the lives of people and communities in the U.S. and around the globe; promote environmental preservation; and promote and teach health and wellness.

Brandylane does not publish content that includes:

  • Misogyny, racism, homophobia, ableism, or harassment of any group
  • Factual inaccuracies in a nonfiction context
  • Excessive gore and violence without appropriate context
  • Endorsements of health practices that may be harmful to a reader’s well-being
  • Lessons that may be harmful to young readers

Click here to review our guidelines in more detail.

In addition to the standards above, we look for quality writing (of course!), as well as a compelling story or message. We also look for a strong author marketing plan. An author’s promotional efforts have a huge impact on sales, so we want to know that you’ve thought about how to market your book and are eager to do so.

We offer three publishing models.

Traditional model: We traditionally publish a limited number of titles each year. This track is for authors who have an established audience, a strong track record of sales in the 3,000- to 5,000- copy range for recently published work, and an active online platform. We fund publication costs.

Cooperative model: Under this option we fund a portion of the cost to package and publish your book, depending on the quality of your manuscript, editing and design requirements, the potential market appeal of your work, and your marketing effort. You or another entity invests the remainder.

Self-Publishing/Packaging model: If you prefer to keep full creative control of publication of your book, we offer self-publishing under Belle Isle Books. We offer both self-publishing and cooperative arrangements under Belle Isle Books. Under our self-publishing arrangement, all costs are funded by the author.

We offer professional editing by a CMS qualified editor, professional design by a top-notch designer, marketing (traditional and cooperative models), printing, and global distribution through Ingram Book Group and emerging industry channels. The self-publishing model offers marketing guidance only.

Our Review Process

We review every manuscript we receive in full, on a first-come, first-served basis. This process can take three to five weeks depending on our submission load, so we ask authors to be patient. Once your manuscript has passed through our evaluation process, we’ll contact you with our decision.

Manuscript Submission Form

Author Submissions
Address *
Please attach your manuscript as a single Microsoft Word document. Your manuscript should be double-spaced, in 11- or 12-point, and paginated. Regarding illustrations: Illustrations or photographs should not be included in your manuscript unless in PDF format and only if total file size is less than 25 MB; instead, please send 3 -5 samples of your images in jpg format for our review. If we pursue publication, we will request all of your images.
File Uploads *

Maximum file size: 25MB

How to Submit via Email

Please note that your manuscript will not be considered for publication until you supply all of the information below. If you email your submission, please allow up to a week to receive our confirmation. Your submission must include:

  • your contact information
  • your completed manuscript in a single file, double-spaced, in 12-point Times Roman, and paginated
  • a synopsis of your book
  • your bio
  • your marketing plan
  • if you have them (not required), 3-5 sample illustrations (children’s books only)(file size must be less than 25 MB)
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