As part of our mission, Brandylane seeks to publish books that encourage understanding, tolerance, social justice, and peace; improve the lives of people and communities in the US and around the globe; promote environmental preservation; and teach health and wellness.

We do not publish:

  • Content that depicts racism, misogyny, homophobia, and prejudice or discrimination against minority groups such as the disabled, without also providing an opposing positive view of these groups sufficient enough to demonstrate that you, the author, do not share the aforementioned prejudices. At Brandylane, we recognize that confronting prejudice via literature is valuable, and that doing so often necessitates providing examples of these prejudices and atrocities committed against minorities and disadvantaged groups. Therefore, we will not automatically discount a submission if it contains offensive content such as slurs or depictions of violence and discrimination against a certain group. However, we will consider the submission carefully to determine how and for what purpose these prejudices, depictions of violence and discrimination, and slurs are used in the work. If the rest of the work’s content does not adequately demonstrate that the author does not share the views of those characters who perpetrate the use of slurs, violence, and discrimination against certain minority groups, by, for example, providing an opposing positive view of the minority group, we will not be able to publish the work. An opposing positive view of a group does not have to take the form of a direct message; it may instead come, for example, in the form of a sympathetic character who is a member of that group.
  • Content that would constitute harassment or defamation against any group.
  • Content advertised as nonfiction that includes inaccurate facts.
  • Content that includes excessive gore or violence without adequate context or justification.
  • Content endorsing health practices that may be harmful to a reader’s well-being.
  • Children’s content that illustrates a lesson that may be harmful to young readers.
Our Stance on Religious Material

Brandylane welcomes authors of all faiths to submit content to our publishing house. We will happily consider books that contain religious content of any kind, so long as they do not include any of the material listed above.

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