Belle Isle Books/Brandylane Publishers is a top-notch firm and a delight to work with. The pre-publication review process was responsive, cooperative, and thorough. The publisher readily agreed that an audiobook should accompany my novel. I would seriously consider Brandylane for any future manuscript submissions.

Duncan L. Clarke, author of “A Little Rebellion Is a Good Thing”

Brandylane provided personal and conscientious editing, handling of proofs, printing service, and promotional help and advice. I was pleased with the result.

Richard Rose, author of “Coming Around” (Belle Isle)

My co-author and I received personal attention from very professional staff at Brandylane. Working with them was enjoyable and rewarding.

Isak Gasi, author of “Eyewitness: My Journey to the Hague”

The people at Brandylane Publishers did a wonderful job for me in publishing a diary my husband had written. I particularly appreciated their advice on the many details involved and their skill in reproducing the old handwriting and drawings.

Dorothy Eichner, self-publishing client

My experience with Brandylane Publishers is truly one of the more meaningful relationships I have in my life. Anyone who has ever written a book knows it is a very personal endeavor, and so it can be tough to hear our baby isn't as pretty as we thought. But Robert Pruett, being an accomplished author himself, knows how to offer constructive criticism without sacrificing a budding friendship.

Alan Eschbach, author of “Honor Held Dear: My View from the Bridge Wing”

I had a wonderful overall experience with Brandylane as an author. The owner, Robert, is very accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful. I also received a lot of compliments on the cover of my book. (Thanks to Michael, their brilliant book designer.) They have a talented, bought-in team that works together to create a product that is above and beyond expectations.

Randy White, author of “Verities: A Journey by Tracks” (Belle Isle)

My experience with Brandylane has been top-notch.  Haley, my project manager, is knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. This is my first time publishing, and it's been smooth sailing with Brandylane.

Kathy Varner O’Bryan, author of “Wacky on the Junk” (Belle Isle)

Brandylane Publishers gives life and exposure to words that enrich our world but might not otherwise reach appreciative eyes and ears. I love their diversity.

Ginger Johnston Philbrick, author of “Because You Are Polite at the Dining Table” (Belle Isle)

Brandylane Publishers are amazing, and come out with many great books! I would suggest them to any author or reader.

William Record

We had a wonderful experience! Super helpful and very patient with all of our questions! Highly recommend them!

Bonnie Jones Surma, self-publishing client

Christina was a wonderful, knowledgeable person to work with. I had a great experience bringing my book to publication with the whole team at Brandylane. A shoutout to Mike also for the amazing cover he created for my picture book, Everybody Can Dance!

Kara Navolio, author of “Everybody Can Dance!”

My second book of poetry published by the talented team at Brandylane Publishers released into the world yesterday under the Belle Isle Books imprint. Wonderful words are not enough to convey my gratitude and appreciation for working with this publishing house on two books! From owner to project management to editing to graphic design to public relations, they have it all and they do it all -- first rate! Thank you for being such caring, efficient partners in this emotional world of birthing a book!

Anne Poarch, author of “Flight” and “The Grit and Joy of Being” (Belle Isle)

Personal attention from the publisher. A discerning and highly professional editorial staff. Outstanding cover design. Would definitely work with Brandylane again.

Shaun Koos, co-author of “Eyewitness: My Journey to the Hague”

Robert and his team at Brandylane have been exceptional. For a first time author, they stood by me with advice and enthusiasm. Editing was tough but very honest and educational. I am very thankful for that experience, and I became a better writer because of it. The Brandylane team is the best. I will call on them again.

Harry Holmes, author of “Morgan” (Belle Isle)

My experience working with Brandylane Publishers was exceptional. Helpful, professional staff allowed me to take my book from start to finish in a seamless, straightforward fashion with few issues. Their editing took my book to new levels. I am really proud of the finished product. Their insight was invaluable. Great people, great business, and I am honored to be a part of their stable of authors!    

Kelly Williams, author of “The Princess Rancher” (Belle Isle)

If you get a chance to work with Brandylane/Belle Isle Books, it's a fortunate one. They're professional, caring, and supportive. They helped make my book better than I ever anticipated it might be. They offered support at all times throughout the publishing process. I look forward to the release of my book and am grateful to them for what has been a terrific experience in getting a book ready for the public. I worked hard and so did they. I have the utmost respect for the talents of the staff and publisher.

Susan Weiner, author of “Pirates and Spooks, Beware!” and “Before the Foundation of the World” (Belle Isle)

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