If your submission doesn’t meet our requirements for traditional publication, we may invest a part of the costs through our cooperative arrangement under Brandylane or Belle Isle Books. Under this option, we determine the total costs to publish, then determine what percentage of that cost we are willing to invest.

Under our cooperative arrangement, your share of the investment is determined by the page count of your manuscript, the format of your book, editing, design, other production requirements, and your willingness to market your book. Regarding illustrations, our program requires that authors fund the lion’s share of this cost. Your share of the investment will be divided into five to six installments over the production period, which is generally six to twelve months. We are happy to work with you or the supporting entity on the financing.

Publication under our cooperative option includes line editing, copyediting, and proofreading by a Chicago Manual of Style qualified editor, professional interior and cover design, back cover promotional copy development, printing, marketing, promotion, distribution, fulfillment, and project management. Unlike most publishers, our marketing effort includes a six-month launch, followed by six additional months of promotion through our social media, website, our seasonal, genre, and subject matter email campaigns, and continuous guidance and support from our PR team.

We pay up to 60% royalty on sales on a semi-annual schedule. Royalty is calculated based on net proceeds determined by the actual price paid for the copies, either wholesale or retail, less costs for printing and returned copies.

If your first book performs successfully, it’s very possible we will offer a traditional arrangement for additional books you may wish to submit for consideration.

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