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by Claire Galloway

A few seconds. That was all the time it took for two-year-old Luke Galloway to slip away from his parents and go running toward the swing set. And only a few seconds more before the hard plastic swing struck the side of his head with enough force to send him flying. But the effects of that playground accident would stay with him—in the form of an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury—and alter the course of his life.

In A Call to Mind, Luke’s mother, Claire Galloway, recounts how a seemingly routine childhood injury—readily dismissed by professionals for sixteen years—transformed a happy, healthy child into an anxious, agitated boy, who would be haunted by “noises” only he could hear.

As knowledge of brain injury in sports and the military is on the rise, Claire adds Luke’s voice to the choir. As she lays the groundwork for physicians, educators, psychologists, family and friends to better recognize symptoms of traumatic brain injury in a practical, everyday sense, she hopes to embolden parents to fight for their children on behalf of what only they might see, increasing the odds of successful post-injury outcomes.

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Meet the Author

Claire Galloway has been advocating for greater awareness of closed-head traumatic brain injury in children since 2008. She has spoken at several brain injury conferences and to students of education. This is her first book. She resides in Virginia with her husband Mark.

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Formats:  Paperback
Pages:  204
ISBN:  978-1-9399309-4-1
Release Date: 9/25/2017


“This book is riveting and instructional! It raises awareness about TBI and addresses many obstacles in getting to the real issues and how to cope and create solutions. It is a sad yet inspirational story of the journey of a “ happy” family that looked for answers yet resources were scarce. The objective of the story – do not give up and pray others are spared!” – Maggie

“Claire Galloway’s book has really helped me through this journey with my 12 year old son’s TBI. This is a must read for all neurologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians. Neurosurgeons, and any other medical professionals that deal with children. I have just returned from yet another useless neurologist appointment, with medical records in hand showing actual brain surgery, where my son’s problems were once again reduced to a psychiatric problem and recommended back to the psychiatrist. Who, by the way, recommended the Neurologist since it was deemed a physical problem. Going back to Claire Calloway’s book today honestly helped ease some of the pain of our losing battle to get real answers for my son. I appreciate the author for sharing her son’s heartwrenching story. As I read what Luke had to deal with, I share parts of it with my son and it seems to help ease his depression a little after a doctor’s visit, knowing that he is not the only one to have ever experienced all the symptoms of TBI and no doctor seem to want to give it the recognition it deserves or dismisses it as “all in his head mentally”.” – F. Robin

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