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written by Anna Burger and illustrated by Laura Craig

What’s the weirdest sea creature you’ve ever seen?

Did it have fins, or tentacles, or a shell?

Did it wriggle, or skitter, or stay still as a rock?

Did it sting, or cling, or hide?

Join young explorers Jack and Jenny as they hunt for strangeness in the Chesapeake Bay. Together you’ll discover just how weird, wild, and wonderful a saltwater world can be!

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Meet the Author

Anna Burger lives with her husband and two young sons on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. She grew up on Onancock Creek, where she received her first boat at age twelve and learned how to crab and fish from her father and grandfather. Anna is also the author of Pea Soup and the Seafood Feast, published in 2015.

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Formats:  Hardcover

Pages:  32

ISBN HC: 978-1-9399308-9-7

Release Date: June 10, 2017


“Burger’s accessible story and Craig’s appealing illustrations of horseshoe crabs, barnacles, jellyfish and other creatures introduce young readers to the awesome diversity of marine life.” —Ruth Horowitz, author of Crab Moon

The Sea Hunt is an engaging picture book that exposes the reader to a world of sea creatures. Jack and Jenny go on an adventure, competing to find the weirdest sea creatures, taking the reader on a journey that is as much fun as it is educational. Ms. Burger nicely introduces a variety of sea life, while keeping the narrative brisk and light. The watercolor illustrations beautifully evoke the marine atmosphere. I can practically smell the salty sea air as I flip through the pages!” —Frans Vischer, author and illustrator of Fuddles, A Very Fuddles Christmas, Fuddles and Puddles, and Jimmy Dabble

“This fun and informative book comes alive with expressive watercolor illustrations. Young explorers will discover the unique and varied creatures living in the Chesapeake Bay and will be inspired to go on their own ‘hunts’ to explore the natural world around them.” —Jennifer O’Connell, author and illustrator of The Eye of the Whale: A Rescue Story

“Delightful illustrations highlight this tribute to the Chesapeake Bay. Jack and Jenny search for sea creatures on an idyllic summer day. They find jellyfish, barnacles, seahorses, and a wide variety of life teeming in the waters. This book celebrates the environment and the precious appreciation children gain when they have the opportunity to discover it on their own.” —Jacqueline Jules, award-winning author of Feathers for Peacock and Never Say a Mean Word Again

“Childhood is chiefly about the joys and wonders of exploring. With smart dialogue, Anna Burger captures this sense of discovery in The Sea Hunt. Young readers will be enticed to explore the waters and sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay for themselves. Bold and expressive illustrations capture the unique indigenous creatures these two young friends find and treasure together.” —Jeff Dombek, author of How the Oysters Saved the Bay

The Sea Hunt is part adventure, part shoreline tour of discovery—an engrossing tale that will delight young readers.” —David Owen Bell, author of Awesome Chesapeake and Chesapeake Bay Walk

“Anna’s masterful tale of childhood friendship between Jack and Jenny opens a world of exploring ‘weird’ creatures of a coastal ecological niche. Her use of competitive nature play adds a special dimension that we all can relate to from our days in childhood friendships. Anna calls us to appreciate the unique gifts that emerge when children share in the combined place of nature discovery and companionship.” —Dave Bauer, author of What’s Under That Rock, Papa? and founder of Creative Nature Play

“This delightful story of growing up on the Chesapeake Bay is brought to life by the skillful words of Anna Burger and the beautiful watercolors of Laura Craig. Together they create the perfect marine adventure as Jack and Jenny compete to discover the weirdest sea creature they can find in their own backyard!” —Mary Jo Beswick, award-winning children’s book author and illustrator of Lonely Lola Ladybug and Messy Magic Birthday, maryjobeswick.com

“In an age of computer research, many children are missing out on experiencing nature firsthand. Jack and Jenny explore the Chesapeake Bay, with all its life and wonder. They are amazed by what they see and learn right in their own back yard. Outside play, bringing us back to nature! I highly recommend this book!” —Janie Suss, author of the award-winning children’s book, Oscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight

The Sea Hunt is waves of fun revealing one treasure after another. Kids of all ages will enjoy this voyage!” —Sherryn Craig, author of Midnight Madness at the Zoo

The Sea Hunt is a charming story with beautiful illustrations and a lovely way to introduce sea creatures from the Chesapeake Bay to young readers.” —Jennifer Milius, motivational speaker, leadership and career coach, and author of the Einstein & Moo children’s book series

The Sea Hunt perfectly captures the joy of childhood wonder and adventure.” —Thomas Docherty, author of Little Boat

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