Half on Tuesdays by Amy E. Whitman
Half on Tuesdays $2.99$16.95
The Big Buna Bash $2.99$22.95
written by Ellen Dutton
illustrated by Emily Hurst Pritchett

The forest is a beautiful place, full of many different animals, tall trees, and a crystal-clear river. But when Man appears, he cuts down trees and scatters litter on the ground. Soon, the animals and their home threatened and decide they must come up with a plan to change Man’s ways. How can the animals show Man the true beauty and importance of their home? To understand the forest, Man must become a part of it. With Mother Nature’s help, Man is transformed in ways he never thought possible. But will a change in Man’s ways take root?

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Formats:  Hardcover, Paperback, E-book

Pages:  48

ISBN HC: 978-1-947860-69-8

ISBN PB: 978-1-951565-09-1

Release Date: 1/16/2020

Meet the Author/Illustrator

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Ellen Dutton was fortunate to grow up near the woods of the Forest Preserves. Her time spent there, during all seasons, planted the passion Ellen has for nature. As a biologist and an environmental educator, Ellen is now sharing that passion and promoting practices of stewardship and sustainability.


“Dutton weaves a whimsical tale of personal growth through a proverbial walk in someone–or something–else’s shoes. A Tree for a Year offers an optimistic outlook for sustainability, uplifting the choices available to humans to thrive in unity with the ecosystems we inhabit. The sense of shared responsibility for protecting the Earth’s trees and natural resources imparted by her story will avail readers both young, and young at heart.”

—Kate Addleson, director of the Sierra Club’s Virginia Chapter


“In A Tree for a Year, Ellen Dutton invites children to understand and appreciate nature. Through a creative human transformation, we learn the dynamic value of trees in our world. Dutton’s elegant style offers both adults and children an opportunity to reframe our shortsighted view of nature and increase our awareness of the many gifts that trees and nature provide.”   

—Dave Bauer, author of What’s Under That Rock, Papa?

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