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written by Heidi Hartwiger


It’s a special quality tucked down deep inside you, which comes out when a problem needs solving. It might come from love, courage, or perseverance. Whatever inspires it, it is the part of you that says, “Watch Out World! I can deal with this.”

In this book, you will meet six strong, determined, independent women of America’s Revolutionary period—among them an extraordinary schoolteacher; an enslaved woman who went to court and won her freedom; a clever mother who took on six Redcoats on her own; an Oneida maiden who braved a blizzard to save Washington’s troops at Valley Forge; a sixteen-year-old girl trapped in a fort under siege; and even a president’s wife, hauling important documents from the burning White House—all of whom found their WOW factors within a few years of each other!

Who knows? As you explore their stories, you might just discover your own WOW factor!

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Meet the Author

Heidi Hartwiger is a freelance writer, storyteller, and a writing instructor for Christopher Newport University’s LifeLong Learning Program. She has written three nonfiction books, two novels, a children’s activity book, and numerous parenting articles. Her writing is archived in the Appalachian Collection at Radford University. Heidi has four adult children and seven grandchildren, who love to visit her at home in Yorktown, VA, where she lives with her husband and a shy rescue cat named BooBoo. Her goal is to make the world a better place, one reader at a time.

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Format: Paperback, E-book

Pages:  72

ISBN (PB): 978-1-958754-39-9

ISBN (EB): 978-1-958754-40-5

Release Date: 8/15/2023


“Refreshing, inspiring, and thought provoking! These fast-paced stories weave historical facts with character education and a sprinkle of ‘can do spirit.’ With the historical context and questions to prompt higher level thinking, there is no additional prep needed! Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women is a must-have for all traditional and homeschool classrooms.”

—Jenny Leeds, K-6 teacher, gifted specialist


“These are beautifully crafted but seldom-told stories of brave and resourceful colonial American women who changed history—women who are role models to inspire today’s girls to do the same.

—Clare Britcher, retired York County, Virginia, Master Gardener, York County School Division Volunteer of the Month 2006, and mother of a daughter in STEM


“Having been an actor and tour guide in southeastern Virginia for the last fifty years, I have met many storytellers of note. Without a doubt, Heidi Hartwiger is among the very best. She weaves her story magic with the mastery of a craftsman, not only entertaining but enlightening her audience so they learn while thoroughly enjoying themselves. It is a gift sorely needed in a time when knowledge and history must compete with the constant distractions of our modern world.”

—Woody Chapman, actor, director, playwright, and tour guide in the Williamsburg, Virginia, area


“Heidi Hartwiger brings historical figures to life in a very engaging book. This fascinating collection of stories, featuring inspiring women of the colonial period, is perfect for integrating character education into history lessons. It spotlights positive character traits and encourages young readers to discover the same in themselves. This is enjoyable reading for the student of history and a valuable resource for parents and educators.”

—Linda Buck, retired teacher, Newport News, Virginia, public schools


“My friend Heidi’s deep knowledge of colonial American history and unique gift of storytelling come together in this collection of stories. Each of the six vignettes is not only interesting and educational; each sparks the imagination and challenges its readers to find their own way to say WOW— ‘Watch Out World!’”

—Pastor Donald Stuppy


“I enjoyed reading Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women. I can envision young girls, and even boys like my eleven-year-old grandson, learning to recognize and use their own WOW Factor to help their community. The examples of the profiled girls and women, all from different walks of life, be they enslaved, Native American, or colonist, points to the contributions we can all make, no matter our age or personal background.”

—Kay Larrieu, retired educator


“WOW, indeed. It’s hard to imagine so much motivation and socially relevant historical information could be packed into such a small book. Like the characters included in these pages, Hartwiger clearly shouts, ‘Watch Out World! I can deal with this.’ Inspirational, enriching, and empowering, this is a must read for future leaders. Read it early and read it often. The spirit of American Women is alive in these pages.”

—Don Feenerty, community development executive


“Weaving her words into fascinating stories, Heidi Hartwiger introduces us to one woman after another, each of whom made an incredible contribution to our country, to democracy, to freedom. From a schoolteacher of enslaved children to an Oneida Indian maiden to a President’s wife, she takes us through the records of history to describe feats of courage and cunning that helped to save not only children and families but also soldiers and artifacts. The six incredible women she describes represent several of the thirteen original American colonies and offer models to be revered in today’s society. Her thought-provoking questions about each heroine give readers opportunity to continue pondering the stories she so skillfully recounts.”

—Grace Toney Edwards, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Appalachian Studies and English, Radford University, Radford, VA

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