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by Julie Fritz

This gathering of poems from Julie Fritz’s lifetime of attention will give readers a chance to travel back in their own memories too, bringing with them the probing questions and insights she has generously shared in this heartfelt collection about a life well-lived. 

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Meet the Author

Julie Plunkett Fritz has been known as a marketing consultant and abstract landscape artist. But now at eighty, she will be known as a poet, with her first book of published poems, Twinings. She grew up on a small farm in East Tennessee, raised her family in Richmond, Virginia, then lived in varied lands throughout the country just to see what they were like—after first checking them out on the back of a motorcycle! She now lives quietly with her husband back in Richmond, Virginia.

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Format: Paperback, E-book

Pages:  85

PB ISBN: 978-1-958754-31-3

EB ISBN: 978-1-958754-32-0

Release Date: 4/11/2023


“The immensely gifted painter Julie Fritz now frames for us Twinings, a lovely late foray of poems suffused with the keenest of light. As in all great landscapes, deity is in the details, and each line, each stroke of the brush as it were, holds illuminative potential.”

—Chris Dombrowski, author of The River You Touch


“A long view, with heart and soul, is what you’ll find in this generous collection by a painter turned poet who knows how to look closely and describe what she sees, hears, and feels.”  

—Holly Wren Spaulding, author of Familiars

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