The Fourth Branch of Government: We the People by Jack Trammell, PhD and Guy Terrell, MS, PMP
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Honor Held Dear by Alan Eschbach
Honor Held Dear $4.99$28.95
written by Georgie Hanlin and illustrated by Maegan Penley

Which is scarier—math, or monsters?

Coco loves almost everything about third grade—except math! Coco’s friends adore playing multiplication games, which only makes her feel worse about math. After struggling with homework and losing a game in front of her whole class, Coco feels humiliated and has a TERRIBLE nightmare! In the dream, the Multiplication Monster laughs an evil laugh and attacks her in front of her classmates when she answers a problem wrong. Find out how Coco overcomes her fear of math, gets rid of the malicious Multiplication Monster, and learns the value of a teacher who believes in her.

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Meet the Author

Georgie Edwards Hanlin was born and raised in San Francisco, where she attended Katherine Delmar Burke School and The Branson School. She has a bachelor’s degree from Scripps College and spent her junior year studying abroad in Paris. Georgie has a master’s degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is the coauthor of Benchmark, a young adult novel. Her writing has been featured in The New York Times/International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Chronicle, and NPR. Georgie has worked as an educator, both as a classroom teacher and as an administrator, for her entire adult life.

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Formats:  Hardcover

Pages:  36

ISBN HC: 978-1-9399309-0-3

Release Date: 05/10/2017


“Math anxiety is real. This book teaches children self-advocacy and self-acceptance, while raising awareness for math teachers. What might seem like a fun game for some could be a “nightmare” for others. Every child who is afraid of numbers and every math teacher should read this book. It is so important to avoid creating math anxious children and parents; math teachers are on the front lines of defense in the war against math anxiety.” —Marizza Bailey, BASIS Scottsdale math teacher named by President Obama as a recipient of the 2016 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

““In this touching story, the all-important lessons about being confident, accepting differences, sharing fears and learning about yourself are experienced by young Coco as she struggles to do math. As a finance executive, this strikes such a cord. It’s imperative in business to play to your strengths and rely on others to supplement your weaknesses so that you complement each other’s skills. And as a mom, I hope my young children will gain insight and confidence from reading this charming story.” —Katrina O’Connell, Chief Financial Officer, Old Navy

“A wonderful and heartwarming story about a girl who discovers that everyone learns in his or her own way and that’s what makes learning fun! It’s a true celebration of individual differences and demystifies the learning process for even the most hesitant of little mathematicians.” —Rebecca Barker Bridges, educational therapist and author of Meet Stanley: The Reading Dog

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