During my publishing career, I’ve learned that after a children’s book is published—after the editing, design, printing, and launch—it takes on a life of its own. Through the mysterious machinations of book distribution, copies finds their way to bookstore shelves, library reading rooms, school classrooms, homes, and finally, children’s hands—and there, they become something more than just words on bound paper. For those young readers, that book becomes a teacher, guide, or a friend—sometimes for life.

Stop a moment and think of the books you enjoyed when you first began reading. Perhaps reading them made you aware that other kids just like you were struggling with fear, anxiety, or loneliness—and maybe that knowledge made you feel less alone. You loved those books because you needed the lessons they could teach or the scenarios to which they introduced you at that time in your life—and some part of them lives with you still.

Brandylane is honored to publish books that make a difference in the lives of young readers; and this month, we are proud to present new titles that offer children a way of seeing the world—and themselves—in a new light, allowing them to grow both at school and at home.

written by Robert Pruett, publisher