At Brandylane, we invite authors to submit manuscripts of almost all genres and featuring almost all subject matter. But we’re especially interested in submissions that teach, promote, and encourage understanding, tolerance, peace, and social justice, as part of our publishing house’s personal efforts to combat hate and injustice.

When we review and consider a manuscript for publication—and during the editing process—we’re especially sensitive to how an author treats issues of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, and other aspects of culture in their work. Manuscripts that are clearly offensive and can’t be salvaged by a developmental edit are rejected outright. For those submissions that can be rescued by one of our skilled editors, we make recommendations for further development, clarification, cuts, or changes to word choice that can bring the manuscript in line with our mission. Historical fiction and memoirs can sometimes present an interesting dilemma, because these works speak to a time when language and social mores were different than they are today. We understand culture evolves and language is dynamic, so we do our best to consider the nuances and anachronisms that may be featured in manuscripts concerning the past.

Ultimately, not every book we publish must meet our mission head-on—but all of our books must meet our high standards, and avoid giving a voice to narrowmindedness and inequity.

We love to hear from readers and authors, so don’t hesitate to write us and submit your own work!

written by Robert Pruett, Publisher