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by Jack and Judy Witt

The first in a series of works by Jack and Judy Witt, Goshen: Lessons from the River celebrates the natural beauty of Goshen Pass, along Virginia’s Maury River, and the powerful spiritual influence which this place has had upon their art and their lives. Through spectacular, full-color images of sculptures, drawings, and watercolor paintings, accompanied by passionate prose and poetry, the Witts share the enormous inspiration they find in Goshen Pass. In the process, they reveal the story of their personal growth, as well as the inner struggles, losses, joys and transcendent discoveries they have experienced through the benevolent guidance of this region’s exquisite beauty.

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Meet the Author

Jack Witt, author and sculptor, earned a B.A. in English from Virginia Military University and studied painting and drawing as apprentice to Eugene Califano in Taos, New Mexico. He later earned his M.F.A. in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Notable examples of his work include the Bill “Bojangles” Robinson monument in Richmond, Virginia; Mr. Smedley in Richmond; and Lincoln at Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee. Roses are Red…and White, Jack’s collection of poetry, was published by Brandylane.

Judy Witt, author and watercolorist, earned a B.A. in Education from Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, and did graduate work in art at Old Dominion University. Her works include the illustration of Beautiful Painted Arrow, the biography of Native American Shaman Joseph Rael; and The Sylvan, an illustrated fable (1995). She is also co-author of The Center Ring, a book about therapeutic clowning and the philosophy of the Fool, (1992). Her watercolors have appeared throughout Virginia and in California and include a large installation of paintings at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Formats: Hardcover

Pages: 92

ISBN: 1-883911-37-0

Release Date: 06/01/1999


“Goshen Pass and the Maury River flowing through it provide inspiration for Jack and Judy Witt, whose creative inventiveness is a shared love.” —Richmond Times Dispatch, Sunday, January 9, 2000

Goshen is a carefully crafted work of art. The reader is invited to enter the sacred realm of metaphor, a lyrical and mystical world where the river becomes the juncture for the playful and profound interchange between the outer and inner worlds, the seen and the unseen forces. An intimate and exquisite rendering!” —Mary Elizabeth Marlow, author of Handbook for the Emerging Woman, Jumping Mouse, and co-author of Being and Vibration

Goshen: Lessons from the River captures the adventure of the revelation of discovery and recovery in our lives. It takes a brave person to reveal personal materials of this strength. I believe this revelation has the dual effect of empowering both the writers and the readers. As I followed each written adventure and observation, I was drawn into the moment. As I absorbed the visual materials–form and shape and color–the experiences advanced to another level. Using visual and written documentation has created a wealth of experiences for the reader. Drawings, sculpture and paintings establish timeless, beautifully rendered records of a creative interpretation of the moment of experience.” —Homer L. Springer, Chair and Professor of Art, Art Department at Longwood College.

“There is love for life between the sentences and behind the brushstrokes of the artworks that Jack and Judy Witt create. We passersby who pause and incline our ear will hear their voices singing beautiful edensongs to each other and to the world.” —Robert Bricker, sculptor

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