You booked and hosted an excellent event. Way to go! But wait — you’re not done quite yet. There’s still more to be done to make the most of your venture.

Thank your host

Of course, you thanked your host as you left the venue. It will leave a lasting impression if you come back in the next few days with a follow-up of gratitude. Whether it’s a phone call, email, in-person visit, or social media post — anything works! Handwritten notes in particular add a personal touch that can really stand out. In your note or conversation, mention your plans for coming back; if you can, make definitive plans to return, and if not, make it clear you’re interested in returning. Discuss following up after a certain amount of time.

Share on social media

This is where those pictures and/or videos you took at your event will come in handy. Share your pictures or video, along with a brief (1-3 sentence) recap of the event, for your followers who were unable to make it. Be sure to tag the venue and any other party involved! Popular platforms for sharing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, or a personal blog, if you have one. Any video longer than three minutes is too long for Facebook, but would be great to post to a YouTube channel.

Let Brandylane know how it went

We love to hear about your events! Although sometimes we will reach out to check in, it never hurts to shoot a quick email letting us know about how it went and if there’s anything we can do to help. Let us know if you posted on social media, and we will be sure to share your posts on our pages, as well. If you don’t have professional author social media pages, you are welcome to email us your pictures or video, and we can post on Brandylane’s social media pages on your behalf.

Making connections

Don’t let an opportunity go to waste! In our last tip, “Keys to an Excellent Event,” we discussed the importance of networking at your event.  Now is the time to cement any new connections you made with guests. If you exchanged contact information with event-goers, you can reach out and thank them for attending, and even invite them to any upcoming events.  You can also reach out to event guests via social media, and in so doing, increase their engagement with your posts and potentially harness the power of their social network. 

Become a patron of the venue

Especially if you are hoping to return for a second event, it’s important that you give to the venue as they gave to you. Whether it’s a coffee shop or public library, go there as a patron, if you can, and refer your friends! It’s all about helping each other out.