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Neck Tales: Stories from Virginia's Northern Neck $16.00$26.95
by Larry Holcombe

The elegant Great River Resort along the tranquil banks of the Great Wicomico River has a closely guarded secret. The beautiful resort sits atop a highly classified government facility known only to the President of the United States, a few high-level government and military leaders, and resort owner Bill Russell. Ted Carter, former Navy SEAL and now resort CEO, his fiancée Ruth Bennett and owner Russell find themselves in the cross hairs of a deadly confrontation between the White House and leaders of the military industrial complex. These men of great wealth and power will use whatever means necessary to stop the president from disclosing this sixty-year-old black project, a top secret program that, if revealed, will forever change the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet.

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Meet the Author

Larry Holcombe majored in journalism at Richmond Professional Institute, Richmond, Virginia before starting a forty-year career in construction-related sales. In 2006, he took early retirement to fulfill his passion to write. He and his wife, Alice, currently live in Virginia’s Northern Neck. This is his first novel, and a second, Satan’s Angel, is nearing completion. For more information on Larry and his books, visit larryholcombe.com.

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Formats: Paperback

Pages: 230

ISBN PB: 978-1-883911-88-1

Release Date: 08/01/2009


“Larry Holcombe’s first novel is a delightful thriller that starts off at a rapid pace and accelerates with each chapter. As you grip the novel and read, you soon discover that the novel has taken a grip on you; there is no stopping!  Magnificent!  I can’t wait to read his next!” —John K. Wilson, Col., USAF (Ret.)

“Hook, line and sinker! That’s how I devoured Larry Holcombe’s The Great River Disclosure. Larry shows how it’s done! Action packed with suspense throughout. This is a title to remember!” —John Atkinson, author of Timekeeper and Dark Shadows, Red Bayou

“Well done! This is not just another murder mystery between the good guys and the bad guys, nor is just a battle between the government and it’s citizens. But it touches some questions we’ve all pondered in our minds, concerning; our roots, Adam and Eve, missing links, as well as our futures. Pick it up, I promise you’ll love it!” —Stan R. on Amazon.com

“Received my book yesterday afternoon. Started it first thing this morning and finished it early this afternoon. Excellent book, especially for a first time author. I will be awaiting future releases by Mr. Holcombe. This first book would make a great movie.” —Paul R. Steinman III on Amazon.com

“An outstanding read and great subject matter. Cudos to Mr. Holcombe on his first novel. More twists and turns then a corkscrew. I hope his next book is even better. A must read for all fiction fans.” —Bruce Cosimini on Amazon.com  

“What a great 1st novel! There is something for everyone here. I found the writing fast-paced and the plot very original. It’s a page turner, folks!” —Richard K. Patureau on Amazon.com  

“Three and a half stars: Rivah nice guys and those bad old corrupt politicians and businessmen make for a quick, exciting read. Holcombe’s knowledge of setting and the male viewpoint adds credibility and sharp dialogue to an intrigue that might otherwise be a little hard to swallow. And his end of chapter zingers keep you turning pages. Good effort for a first book.” —Fierce Red Pen on Amazon.com

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