Have you heard the gift-giving rule of thumb? Give them something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. There’s no better gift to give than a book! For the little ones, the adults, and everyone in between, we’ve got a list of the best books to give this holiday season. Check out these awesome titles, and cross some names off your shopping list!

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Kids’ Christmas

These books are fantastic for any little people in your life waiting up for Santa!

McKinley and the Present Pixies

written by Dirk and Debbie Kagerbauer

illustrated by Kelly Lane

McKinley is a five-year-old anxious to get his Christmas presents. McKinley learns from some extraordinary visitors an important lesson that is perfect for reminding our young ones of the true meaning of Christmas!




Santa’s Sleigh Is Stuck

written by Karen Foley

illustrated by Michelle Simpson

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa takes an unexpected detour to a seaside town. This lyrical Christmas tale is perfect for those who love the beach just as much as they love Santa!


The Perfect Pointe

written by Victoria Coniglio

illustrated by Lintang Pandu Pratiwi

It is Christmas and Poppy is ready for her perfect pointe performance of the Nutcracker. At the end of her performance, Poppy gets a special surprise. This heartwarming story is the joy that we all need to be reminded of this season!





Kids Non-Christmas

These kids’ books will be a wonder to read any time of year!


Seasons for Stones

written by Nikki Bergstresser

illustrated by Kelly O’Neill

In this precious story, Tilly goes on a creative mission to lift her neighbor’s spirits. The perfect story for teaching the magic small acts of kindness have in making a big difference on those around us!


Chester Chipmunk Will Not Sleep

written by Kathleen George

illustrated by Louisa Mae

Unable to sleep, Chester Chipmunk needs some help from Mama Chipmunk to remind him of all the fun that awaits him in his dreams! This story of childhood wonder will easily become the new bedtime favorite!



Le Mouse Caper

written by Marilyn Seigle

illustrated by Maegan Penley

Chloe, a mouse from Paris, takes a trip to visit her cousin in America. The adventure of these mischievous mice is one you won’t soon forget! Perfect for young ones eager to explore the world themselves.



Middle Grade

Brandylane has some great picks for your family members and friends whose reading level is growing almost as fast as they are.


Peter Polo and the Snow Beast of Hunza

by Craig Bradley

Follow Marco Polo’s younger brother Peter on a journey across China to solve a mystery and save the people of Hunza. Your loved ones will love this gift, as they find themselves taken along on this fantastical quest!





The Blameless

by E.S. Christison

After Princess Brie’s family is murdered, and kingdom is overthrown by a tyrant, she must flee into the protection of the Blameless. Princess Brie’s journey into a new world and quest for vengeance is sure to be an inspiration to its readers.

If you’re getting this book as a gift, check out some Blameless merch to go with it!





Simone LaFray and the Chocolatiers’ Ball

 by S.P. O’Farrell

Simone LaFray, a genius middle-schooler must use the connections inherited by her spy mother to stop an infamous thief, all while helping her father prepare for the Chocolatier’s Ball. With fast-paced action and chocolate, this book has everything a kid could need!







For the adults in your life, these fictional tales are the perfect stories to get lost in this season!


A Little Rebellion Is a Good Thing: Troubles at Traymore College

by Duncan Clarke

Taking you back to 1969, this story follows one young political science professor as he stands with the student body against the tyrannical leadership of a small women’s college. With themes of social justice, this enthralling read will be a hit with whoever gets it.






The Precariousness of DoneThe Precariousness of Done by Tony Houck

by Tony Houck

While visiting his old homestay family in Spain, a young American named Ethan grapples with his parents divorce and his mother’s recent death. Meanwhile Thomas struggles with his obsessive-compulsive disorder and longs after a woman he can’t have. Capturing the beauty of Spain, this book is sure to invoke both joy and sorrow in all of its readers.





Verities: A Journey by Tracks

by Randy White

Living by the train tracks in a small town in Verities, a young man named Sam searches for meaning in his troubled life. This hopeful story of rising above ones circumstances in the face of injustice, this is a must-read for anyone in need of some hope after this year.






If fiction isn’t their taste, Brandylane has a great selection of nonfiction books to recommend this season.


A Photographic Journey through the James River Park System

by Bill Draper

This beautiful photography collection serves as a one of the most beloved park systems in the nation, the James River Park System. This lovely book is guaranteed to be a hit with nature lovers and Richmond devotees alike.



From Chaos to Connection: A Marriage Counselor’s Candid Guide for the Modern Couple

by Lori Epting

This insightful guide features important advice from a marriage counselor herself on how to work towards a better marriage. Sometimes the perfect gifts are the ones that teach us how better ourselves.






Lifeline 65: How Small Connections and Big Enthusiasm Can Change Education

by Ryan T. Stein

Encouraging educators to build authentic relationships with students and their families, this book reaches beyond test scores to completely transform the educational experience. If you’re looking for a book to honor the educators working tirelessly this year, this is the perfect pick.







For non-fiction lovers who want to dig deeper into the lives of others, Brandylane has an inspiring collection of memoirs for you to gift this year.


Dinosaurs in the Cornfield: Lessons Unearthed on My Grandfather’s Farm

by William B. Hardison, Jr.

This collection of stories from the author’s boyhood summers spent on his grandfather’s Tennessee farm teaches important life lessons. Readers will be inspired by this collection and reflect on the wisdom found in their own childhood experiences.







by Elspeth Roake

This story of self-discovery follows Roake, a competitive equestrian, as she battles the shadows of mental illness and childhood trauma while aspiring to perfection in the show ring. Capture your loved ones attention with this intensely honest and heartwrenching read.






Wacky on the Junk

by Kathy Varner

Looking back on her misspent youth of drinking, drugs, and processed sugar, Varner reflects on all the wacky adventures encountered on the road to health and happiness. This witty and hilarious read will encourage readers to embrace both the beauty and pain in their own lives.







Delving into the past, you’ll find some great picks for any history buffs in your life. These stories of the past are sure to be a hit!


Eyewitness: My Journey to The Hague

by Isak Gasi and Shaun Koos

With the assistance of author Shaun Koos, former Olympic canoeist Isak Gaši describes how the Bosnian War of 1992–1995 enveloped his hometown of Brčko, the atrocities he witnessed, and the testimony he gave against their perpetrators during the International Criminal Trials. This book is a perfect example of how our personal stories are deeply intertwined with the larger historical moments we live within.






Richmond’s Unhealed History

by Ben Campbell

Campbell examines the contradictions and crises that have formed Richmond over more than four centuries, from before Columbus to the current era. He believes the people of Richmond can prove to the world that race and class can be conquered by the deliberate intention of honest and dedicated citizens. No better gift could be given to a Richmonder than a book that honors their cities history!





From Rebel Yell to Revolution: My Four Years at UVA 1966–1970

by Joel Gardner

Gardner dives in to the historic changes that occurred as anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights sentiment and demonstrations swept over the campus, altering the spirit of the school forever. Not only will this be an easy gift for history lovers, but also any alumnus in your life!






Brandylane has some great recommendations for poets and poetry lovers alike who love the beauty of language.


Before the Foundation of the World

by Susan Weiner

This book speaks to the ways of God, examining the nature of good and evil in God’s creation and celebrating God’s covenant with man. This selection is perfect for poetry lovers in your life looking to explore and grow in their faith.






The Grit and Joy of Being

by Anne Poarch 

Poarch’s beautiful poetry book is a raw yet joyful exploration of nature and womanhood. This soulful collection provides an opportunity for empowerment and growth that readers will cherish.






Birds at the Post Office

by Richard Lee Zuras

These poems illuminate a life of family—a life of love and loss: jobs worked, kids born and raised, love’s passions and ebbs, failures and successes, the big moments and the small, the dreams and the nightmares. This ode to family, and the memories we share will be the perfect gift to show your loved ones how much you care.